How to Create an Issue (Mobile)

How to Create an Issue (Mobile) Creating an issue is quick and easy, Step 1; just click the green “+” button and select how you would like to initiate the issue to start the creation process. There are 4 options to choose from; "Fill Details","Take a Picture", "Capture a Video" or "Record an Audio Note" [...]

How Project Notifications Work

How Project Notifications Work The Notifications within K-Ops keep you informed on what is happening on your projects and lets you know when you have an action to complete, to resolve an Issue or answer a Query. All the Notifications are sent to your email inbox and you can also see them within the [...]

How to Search for an Issue (Mobile)

How to Search for an Issue (Mobile) Within the Issues Management module you will find a search box, which will search all of your issues for the the text entered in the search box. The video below demonstrates how the search box work.

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