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Field supervisors work with K-Ops software

You’re tired of

  • Dragging your paperwork around;

  • Having to ask every day what’s going on without ever getting a clear answer;

  • Not having the latest version of the plans on hand;

  • Not having a clear picture of the inspection work to be done;

  • Having to use Excel to manage a long list of work to be completed;

  • Having to waste a lot of time searching through a sea of emails, photos and papers, looking for relevant and up-to-date information;

  • Having to spend an hour and a half at the end of each day to file photos and make your daily report;

  • Fearing to forget a task that needs to be completed.

You would like to

  • Avoid dragging your paperwork around;

  • Work efficiently and with the right information;

  • Have visibility on what has been corrected or completed so you know what to inspect;

  • Make sure the foremen have the right plans after the morning meeting;

  • Have a clear and simple inspection record;

  • Generate your inspection plan with confidence;

  • Work with a simple and effective tool that centralizes and standardizes work methods and information filing;

  • Save time on the daily report by automating it;Your Content Goes Here

  • Have fun and feel in control.

K-Ops, an obvious choice


Easy to use.

Don’t miss out on any of the action by staying on the job site rather than in the trailer, and follow the action live:

  • Manage and organize the document library by importing hundreds of documents with a simple “drag & drop”;
  • No need to import progress photos at the end of the day; everything is already organized;
  • Be notified in real-time when problems occur and are corrected;
  • Stay on schedule by seeing which areas are behind schedule in order to prioritize work;
  • Record the results of your inspection in real time thanks to the equipment module.
K-Ops on Ipad
Support with your Daily reports

Free yourself from stress.

Stay in control of your work with a tool that allows you to standardize information and work methods at all times:

  • Never forget tasks to be completed or actions to be carried out since all information is centralized, organized and monitored;
  • Concentrate your efforts on the actions to be taken and don’t waste time looking for “who does what”;
  • Be assured that your daily reports are done in a few clicks without compromising on quality;
  • Always have the information you need at your fingertips, with no paperwork and no hassle.

Time for efficiency and satisfaction.

All this experience is not just about updating Excel files, answering emails and chasing information. K-Ops shows you directly where to put the effort and follow up.

  • Be notified in real time by email and on your mobile for any changes you need to be aware of;
  • Respond directly to email notifications to automatically classify attachments or comments in the right place in K-Ops;
  • Upload your photos directly from the mobile application, no need to come back to the trailer at the end of the day, upload them to your workstation, attach them to reports, send them to stakeholders, etc;
  • Using K-Ops is a way to regain a taste for the pleasure of a job well done.
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