Project Directors

Deliver your projects on time and on budget, without compromising on quality.

Project Director work with K-Ops software

You’re tired of

  • Not knowing about the issues that happened;

  • Delays caused by poor communication;

  • The difficulty of collaborating with the various project stakeholders;

  • Losing valuable information;

  • Not being able to quickly find requested information later in the project or after;

  • Receiving 50 emails about the same issue;

  • The lack of consistency across your projects;

  • Having the project team complain about not having the right tools to do their job effectively?

You would like to

  • Know what is going on in real-time;

  • See a clear status of your projects;

  • Be able to make informed decisions;

  • Provide a tool to ensure the team is executing against the established quality operating procedures;

  • Quickly find the data history to protect yourself in the event of a dispute or claim;

  • Have a central hub for all the information;

  • Achieve client satisfaction;

  • Have peace of mind, be confident and in control of your projects?

K-Ops, an obvious choice


Sustained decision-making.

Taking a daily look at different visual modules of K-Ops will allow you to quickly identify whether or not concrete actions should be taken. If all goes well, take these precious hours to put out other fires.

  • Visualize the work progress and proof of execution using the various visual components of the dashboard.
  • Have an overview of all ongoing projects with the visual components of the Project Portfolio.
  • Track progress from multiple angles with hierarchical structures and cumulative progress, allowing you to look through different Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) depending on the current ongoing phase of your projects.
  • Organize and document your projects visually with the Progress Photos module.
Sustained decision-making
Control on your projects

Stay on top of it.

Make sure your projects are being executed within the right framework and within the established quality operating procedures.

  • Configure all your project data from within the Admin Console.
  • Define a specific project template that will be available and reusable through all your new projects to ensure a unified structure and processes.
  • Structure your document library to make sure the right documentation is being collected.
  • Define the types of equipment, issues and queries that will be tracked along with their defined approval processes and expected documentation.

The right tools for the job.

There are too few who succeed in delivering on time and on budget. Be one of them and have the right tools in hand to achieve your most ambitious goals and achieve client satisfaction.

  • Ensure the various project stakeholders collaborates within a rigorous framework with workflows that adjust to your own approval processes.
  • Invite any stakeholders you deem necessary on any of your projects and manage their access rights, roles and teams for a full collaboration experience.
  • Import your data by the thousands with a few clicks and be up and running in no time.
  • Have detailed traceability of the entire lifecycle for each of the records including “who”, “what” and “when”.
K-Ops - construction software with quality management QAQC for construction closeout

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