How To Manage Your Companies Users

In the customer portal, click on “Users” to access the User management module. Here you will be able to manage all you companies users, you can add new users with the add user wizard, or modify existing users by assigning roles, editing access rights or deactivating/ reactivating the user.

Step 1 manage users
  1. To add a new user just click on
  2. To add or change the roles assigned to a user click on the green “+” and then follow the instruction in the next section below.
  3. To modify the user access rights click on the “padlock” and make to desired changes to the access rights matrix.
  4. You can deactivate or reactivate a user by clicking “deactivate” or “reactivate” to change the status of a user.
Step 2

To add or removed a role from a user simple select the role and use the arrows to add or remove the role from the user.

step 3 user management
  1. This is also the place to create new Roles for use on your projects and see who you have assigned to each role.
  2. The grid lists all your roles and who in your team is assigned to each role.
  3. You can edit the access rights assigned to each role by clicking on the “padlock”.
  4. You can create a new role by clicking on the green “+ NEW” button and follow the create role wizard.
The step 4