How to Use the Document Module

The Document module is the place where you manage all your project documentation. It is separated in Library and Photos. Each can be administered separately and can be used in order to organize documents. The Library section is perfect to organize documents such as drawings, plans, submittals, etc. As for the Photo section, it could be organized by weeks or months, with all the progress photos related to a time capture. This ensure you are centralizing all the relevant data over time. The document module currently is integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox and could also be integrated with many other third party tools if requested. It’s like having your own drive for each of your projects.

You can also set up a default library or photo structure to be used on any new projects created. This allows you to make sure each project organizes and classifies their documents in the same structure. Please refer to the Customer Management’s How to Manage your Projects page for more details.